What is truth?


Just when you things couldn’t get any worse at the passport office we now here that a local man from Wicklow town had to take action and chain himself to the internal doors of the office in order to get his passport.

Fair play to him if he had let me know he was going to do that I would have helped him

Now over the wires I here that the Staff in the passport office are now calling for an outright strike

Senior sources on the Government side have confirmed the Civil and Public Service Union, which represents Passport Office staff has served protective strike notice, which could be effective within seven days.

No one from the union has yet confirmed whether the notice had been served or precisely when it might take effect.

However, other sources said the serving of protective strike notice did not necessarily mean that there would be a strike.

This country is falling apart and all the Government is interested in is their own plum jobs around the Cabinet table

I would gladly take a job in the passport office to help get people their passports and I would do the job for nothing.

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