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Don’t write off the Fianna Fail publicity mega machine just yet lads!

I would not bet that the next general election will be Fiannia Fail’s waterloo, going on past experience because most of the FF Deputies have a good local organization and that will be calling on the very people who are now complaining about them asking for their Nr.1 with a nod and a wink and their (friend of the family look)

And yes most will get back in.

The only way we will have any change is that we must have a real alternative i.e. a new broad people’s movement that should take on the green parties lost ideals as well as a new manifesto that will revolutionize the Irish political system and bring the working of the state into the 21st century

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Link http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2010/03/03/money-sucking-anglo-is-our-financial-stalingrad

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