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Sunday Blues


Reading the Sunday newspapers to –day, I don t know which is more depressing

The prospect of having the opposition takes the place of the current bag of misfits in the Dail

I mean they haven’t really distinguished themselves and I am not so sure of their solutions to the whole NAMA Con job.

Their proposals are exactly what???

The Government seems to be trying to control the content of our main stream newspapers by touting the cabinets possible re- shuffle in the coming weeks and are deflecting away  from more inportant thing like NAMA

I know I should say shuffling the chairs on the titanic but you all know that is the case already don’t you!

  Anyway the good news this week was that the European Commissions latest’s utterances on the subject NAMA , looks like  it would save us from our own corrupt governments attempt to defrauded every man woman and child living in the state with is attempt to overpay bankrupt banks billions for worthless toxic assets ! 

Ah well,

 David Mc Williams article will clarify things a little better no doubt but it won’t cheer me up though!

link to David’s article http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2010/02/28/it-took-europe-to-rein-in-nama


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  1. It says something about our government that Brian Lenihan can’t be bothered to even turn his calculator on after the Statement by the EU last Friday to re-jig numbers that might end up costing us Irish 10s of €bn – the EU decision makes it explicit that the government are to pay less than previously planned for the NAMA assets. We’ll have to wait for NAMA to transfer the loans before we’ll know the figures involved (or will we), we won’t have the EU Decision printed for several months possibly (and even then it may be partly redacted), NAMA have failed in their obligation to report to the Dail and Seanad quarterly and to beat everything, NAMA have openly said that deals are commercially confidential and the only commitment from the Government is to a review in 2012! You couldn’t make this up.

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