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Don’t buy just yet!

I see that the
Permanent TSB property price survey will be published on a quarterly basis from now on, the reason was “not enough mortgages are being issued to provide accurate monthly data”.

Yet we have an advertising campaign from Bank of Ireland claiming that 100 mortgages are been approved every day just from them!

Now who in their right mind will believe anything they say?

If you are in the market for a house, hold on to your money and you will be able to buy that house for at least 35 % cheaper this time next year !

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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  1. john o connor said:

    you are dead right. i had 2 friends ready to buy 2 years ago. i had an eye on the us market coming to a halt so i knew it might come here too. told them to hold off, luckily, they did and have possibly saved themselves about 100,000 at least. My gut feeling is that the worst is yet to come for our economy

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