What is truth?

AIB Broke!


I read that the HSE, (THE Health Service Executive) is now expected to have surplus stocks of the swine flu vaccine next year after it entered into an €80m contract with drug companies.

Ireland was one of the countries which placed early orders for pandemic vaccines and is promised 7.7 million doses.

Just another example of waste of public funds!

The gob ***s running this incompetent organization are wasting billions and are employing hoards of pen pushing management clerks ,who have no obvious responsibilities

Then we see that the Governments declared policy that the salaries of the bank chefs would be capped at 500.00:00 Euros, is rubbished, as the new AIB boss is getting 650.000:00 Euros and is an insider as well

How much more of this crap, will the Irish public swallow?

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