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Dear Thomas,

RE: FAS Course

Thank you for copying me with your email of 05/11/09 to An Tanaiste Mary Coughlan T.D. To enable me to load up your file in our computer, I would appreciate if you could advise me of your home address.
Secretarial Assistant.


Rachel Casey,


Michael Kennedy, TD

Thank you for your reply,

There is no sense in having me and countless others languishing on the scrapheap

We need to retrain and re-educate in order to be contributing to society and not be a burden on same.

FAS courses must have real prospects of having Jobs at the end of them!

Where are the Lisbon jobs that were promised???

Where is the stimulus for Jobs?

62,000,000,000; 00 Euros for the Banks

And a fat 0 for jobs creation and up skilling!

Thomas Clarke

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