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The NAMA fraud!

Ireland Inc

A broke, striking, wet, abuse-ridden country is not a nice place to live and is not going to win much foreign direct investment.

This is what we have now, but in the weeks and months ahead we might be adding to this description and that will be land of Blood & revolution

People will not accept the NAMA fraud lying down !

Galway gone!

The Catholic Church in Ireland is Dead!

Following the release of the Murphy Report on abuse in the Dublin Catholic Archdiocese

there has never being a more compelling reason to demand the resignations of all the bishops concerned and to prosecute al those involved in the cover-up of these hideous crimes against children

But we all know what will happen;

A lot of hot air will be exhaled in the Dail and a lot of ink will be used on the newspapers

Of the country and the heat will be taken of the government for a while and then everything will be back as it was in a few weeks when we will all be hearing about the horrid budget 09

We will never be able to change anything it this country with taken to the streets and making the changes we need for the good of the country

Brian out ,but not about!

Bankers and their lies!

Bankers appear before finance committee… this time

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 10:11 AM PST  from the www.thestory.ie

There’s a most interesting and pertinent piece of political writing in today’s Irish Times by Miriam Lord. She watched high-ranking bankers appear before the Oireachtas Finance Committee.

Eighteen months ago…

…when the same Oireachtas committee wanted to ask the same banks about the way they conducted their business, fewer chairmen and chief executives deigned to turn up. To add insult to injury, the bankers then proceeded to talk down to the worried politicians, assuring them their fundamentals were sound.

…Richie Boucher, before his big promotion, was present back in July of 2008. “Unequivocally,” he declared, “we do not believe there is a Northern Rock lurking in Ireland.”

His colleague, David Guinan, stated: “We pride ourselves on the fact that we have been and continue to be very prudent and responsible.” Donal Forde of the AIB offered the following gem: “In regard to lending standards in AIB, we have behaved very responsibly in recent years and we have maintained a very prudent credit stance.” (Correct. There was a whole shed load of them.)

The highlight of the committee meeting was supplied by Willie McAteer, then executive director of Anglo Irish Bank. “Clearly, the whole perception of Ireland and the negative sentiment towards it are obviously of concern to us. However, this sentiment is not borne out by the fundamentals.”

Here’s another rib-tickler from Willie: “I reject the suggestion that banks have been foolhardy in recklessly lending and driving up values . . . in my experience, the banks have been prudent.”


The Bank of Ireland went so far as to say it wouldn’t have to go back to the Government next year for a further handout. Sheehy was similarly upbeat about AIB.

Do you believe them this time ’round?

Every one of them is responsible for the loss of this nation’s financial independence and they will be held accountable for their actions before the people.

Regardless of this government’s action, the people’s court will do the job make no mistake there will be retribution!

The people will not just bow down to these crooks!

More State money?

Bank of Ireland ‘will not need’ more State money



Remember this, on the Feb 15th 2009

The last time Bank of Ireland came out with a press release on its financial situation the press release said “the there was an absolute downside of 6 billion on impairments and they quoted an ‘expert audit company’ as saying this estimate is “broadly consistent” with their analysis.

That was just plain lies and we have no reason to believe anything Mr. Richie Boucher, the bank’s new chief executive says

Bank of Ireland might as well have sent out chemical Allie with this press release


Anglo Irish Bank


Anglo Irish Bank Corp. has lodged documents with the country’s High Court in an attempt to begin recovering personal loans taken out by former Chief Executive Officer David Drumm, a person familiar with the situation said Wednesday.

“Documents were lodged with the High Court,” the person told Dow Jones Newswires.

Outstanding loans to executive directors last year prior to the bank’s nationalization totaled EUR179 million, management said at the bank’s Extraordinary General Meeting earlier this year.

Last December, FitzPatrick resigned after revelations about loan transfers between Anglo and Irish Nationwide Building Society to conceal EUR122 million in borrowings from Anglo so as to avoid including them in the year-end results. Drumm and former Chief Financial Officer Willie McAteer also resigned.

This corrupt and bankrupt toxic bank should be closed down immediately and the directors should have their personal assets taken away from them and then they should be locked up

Property news up-date

RESIDENTIAL investment properties



Would need to fall in value by between 20pc and 56pc to make them a profitable proposition, a new report has found. The report says rents need to double, or values fall radically, to tempt investors back into the market.

Dublin property prices would need to fall to €256,293 for property investment to make sense. Cork prices would need to fall to €119,324, with Galway prices needing to fall to between €119,324 and €205,296.

Alternatively, rents would need to rise to €1,785 a month in Dublin, or €1,490 in Galway, according to the Residential Property Investor Report produced by Irish Mortgage Brokers and PropertyWeek.ie.

This report shown how out of whack the current house prices are and that after 12 months of falling prices

The clear message here is unless you have won the lotto don’t buy a house anywhere in Ireland for at least a year!



Bank of Ireland having a laugh!

Public service strike 3

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