What is truth?

The Green betrayal

The Greens have gone and done a deal with the devil for a few crumbs of the Fianna Fail Table , and mark my words they will survive to regret it

Where these few hundred of pampas asses, get the nerve to presume they know better what’s best for me and my family and to land us all with the toxic debts of corrupt bankers and Developers is beyond me

What  will the Irish People will do now? we will have to Waite and see .

 I hope the greens know that they are now responsible for all that is to come

What a change that has taken place in little over 2 years

I hope the people remember these new leaches ,that have grone aditicted to power .

The greens will go down in Irish history as the most hated political party that ever has existed and all their own doing

What an enormous betrayal

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