What is truth?

Back in our Box!

We voted Yes for any Job


The people have spoken and this time it’s the right answer for the political élite who no doubt will be registering their preferences for the Jobs that now will be available to our political masters when they get kicked out of office in the coming months

The campaign was run on the basis that the word YES was a yes for Jobs
but of course it was the Jobs for the Boys they meant

We in Ireland over the last few years ran way ahead of ourselves and we started to get notions above our station in the real world

When we voted NO the first time round, just over a year ago, we had the impression that we were masters of our own country and weren’t we one of the richest countries in Europe and didn’t we do this all on our own too?

Coming from century’s of being dominated and run down it was a chance to show everybody in Europe that the Irish had now arrived at their just place in the élite circles of Europe and particularly the English our old Masters

Less than a Year later where are we now, beaten down and shown once again that we have just enough freedom of choice as long as it does not conflict with the greater interests of the ruling élite

we have been bullied ,told that we would be forced into a 2nd tier Europe , a kind of second class club in Europe and would lose many more jobs and investment from Europe if we did not vote for this Lisbon 2 treaty

This is not democracy we have just woke  up to find out that we still have no voice ,we have just being put back in our Box and told to shut up!



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