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It has now being revealed that the former Chairman of the Board of Anglo Irish Bank is not paying the interests on the 100.000.000 loans he has taken out from the Bank.

Some 400.000:00Euros every month is not being paid ,this in spite of having so called Directors especially put their to oversee the Board of the bank and represent the public interest

We the public are again flabbergasted at the shear brazenness at this Gambling institution

This casino must be closed down immediately and corruption charges brought against the fraudulent actions of some of the senior Directors

I can’t say which is worse the FAS fiasco, the turn coats Greens, the incompetent Minster of Finance or the completely out of touch Brian Cowen

We need to have a General Election to give a New Government a new Mandate nothing else will do now

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  1. Charlotte said:

    Sean Fitzpatrick seemed to have lot of friends in high places could one of them have been a current sitting High Court judge who is also on a debtors list with Anglo Irish Bank however his name has not been released as of yet

    The same said judge set himself up a foundation iwith UK Companies house using his wife’s name and his late mother in law’s date of birth the assets of the foundation are quite substantial not the type of money a judge would have earned in his lifetime as a barrister The residential address in London is currently been checked out with the local council to see if anyone lives there and the registered business address appears to be a forwarding address and all of this coming from someone who is sitting up on the Irish High Court Bench overseeing justice to others

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