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A Message from the Taoiseach


A ‘No’ vote on Lisbon will cost jobs,

says Mr.Magoo Me and me pals Jobs!


A NO VOTE in next month’s Lisbon Treaty referendum would cost me my job, Taoiseach Mr.Magoo has warned.

Addressing the Oireachtas Joint Committee on European Affairs, Mr Magoo outlined the reasons why he believed ratifying the treaty was fundamental to the State’s economic recovery, and his own financial well being by keeping his job

“I am unequivocal in my view that a No vote in October would cost me my job!. In the business world, sentiment matters. You only have to look at how the international money markets work. And how they know how I have f***** up Here!

“Right now, Ireland and not me, is paying more than we would wish for borrowings, in part because of negative sentiment towards ME and me pal Brian for the most part because I and the lads were down at the Galway races, gambling with the Nations money.

There is little doubt that reaffirming our commitment to Europe, and to working closely and constructively with our EU partners, and baling out our Banker buddies and developer pals ,would help to restore confidence externally in our ability to manage our way forward.”

And the good times will roll again and we can get back down to business with our merks and perks and the tents at the Galway races

Le mass

Mr.Magoo Taoiseach

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