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By Kevin Doyle

Wednesday September 30 2009

taken from the hearld.ie


The head of the body that will control NAMA has joked that he would like the agency to buy his own house.

Top-paid civil servant Michael Somers, the chief executive of the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA), says he missed the boat by not selling his house during the boom.

In a tongue-in-cheek letter to Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar, Mr Somers says: “I could have done very well by selling at the peak, renting and now buying a better house for a much lower price. However it wasn’t to be.”

Deputy Varadkar had attempted to put the NAMA logic to the test by offering to sell his own apartment to the body on the same terms that is being offered to indebted property developers.

He wrote to the NTMA earlier this month explaining that his home was now in negative equity and he would like to transfer it to NAMA as soon as possible.

Having bought the Carpenstertown property in 2004 for €350,000, its value jumped to €500,000 in 2007, but following the collapse of the market is now worth just half of the peak amount.

“Using the formula outlined by your chief valuer at the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Finance, I estimate its long-term economic value to be €420k,” wrote the Dublin TD.

He added that by doing such a deal with NAMA, it would release him from his current mortgage and car loan “thus satisfying the banks and would leave me with a small deposit which I could use to buy back my apartment with a mortgage I can better afford”.


The letter was sent on September 11 and Mr Somers’ bizarre reply came six days later.

He wrote: “Having bought my present house (in very poor condition) in 1994 I watched in amazement at the prices at which houses in the area were subsequently sold.”

Writing about the collapse in the property market over the past year, he said: “We all have our theories about how this all happened.”

And he concludes: “If your proposal is successful, I could be interested in looking at it myself.”

Speaking about the unusual correspondence, Mr Varadkar said: “It’s good to see there is a civil servant in the country who still has a sense of humour.”

Well TD’s and civil servants can make jokes about NAMA but the people that have no jobs don’t have such luxury, as they struggle to cope with the results of the corrupt political system and bankrupt policies of this state

Indeed I go further and ask the question how many people have lost their lives through suicide as result of negligence of the financial regulator, the Finance Minster and the utter incompetence of the Taoiseach

they all share the responsibility

put some slat in it !

Slight rise in unemployment rate

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From the Irishtimes.com

The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office reveal that the number of people on the Live Register fell by over 16,000 since last month.

According to the latest CSO figures, there were 423,639 people signing on the Live Register during September compared to 440,056 last month, a drop of 16,417. There were 240,217 people on the Live Register in September 2008.

However, when the figures are seasonally adjusted, there was an increase of 600 people on the register to 429,400 in September.

These figures are of course not the real figures as I have pointed out in earlier postings that a vast number of unemployed are not even in the unemployed statistics

I myself do not show up in these figures, why, because I was self-employed and as such I am not entitled to any state help .That’s right no jobseekers allowance and no other social security payments

That’s the same for all those chippies, electricians, bricklayers and any other Joe soap that got up off his or her backside and started their own business

Most of the tradesmen in the building business were made to declare themselves self employed by the Building contractors and Developers and when they signed on to the dole office they would have being told the same as I was

I have not heard from the local dole offices since I signed on in January and because I am not entitled to any state funding they won’t count me into the statistics for another 9 months

The above unemployment figures also do not take into account the 35,000 Irish Nationals that have emigrated since January either! Not to mention the approximately 30,000 other nationals that have also left Ireland since January

These numbers are to be taken with a piece of salt (if you can afford it that is)

All we need now is for some smart arse, in the pay of the Government, to declare that this depression is ended and the Green shoots of recovery are in sight .Yeh!!!!!


The Oscar Wilde

I had the pleasure of taking the Oscar Wild from Irish Ferries  last week to France and I was pleasantly surprised with the accommodation


Are the Unions representing you or themselves?

For some time now I have believed the Unions Bosses here in Ireland were just part of the same elite as the corrupt politicians .This is why we have not seen any civil unrest when the various venerable selections of our checkered society

Were heavily taxed in the last budgets, even the pensioners were left to their own devices to fight for their own battle for their medical cards

Ordinary workers, self employed and other non union members were fleeced in the last budgets; there was not even a whimper from the union Bosses not even when the Government were taking Billions away from the Health budget and the public services were being cut to shreds!!The same billions going to bailout Bankers and their pals in the Galway races tents were also being bailed out with billions being paid for worthless assets, still not even a whisper! From these Union Bosses

The same people that get salaries of 250.000:00 Euros plus (as |much as The American president) then to-day I pick this up from the web press

But now that the Government has now coped on that they cannot keep bashing every other worker in the state and ignore the biggest elephant in the room the civil service they have now started to send out their spin doctors and even stated that they will be looking for a 5% decrease in public servants pay

This has not gone down at all very well with the fat union Bosses as their own members have now threatened to go it alone without their own union bosses if need be!

The moment their own Big Bulks is at risk the civil service Unions threaten to flex their muscles

They are of course totally out of touch with the rest of us and what is happening in the private sector (wages down by 35% this year alone, most private pensions have being wiped out ) will soon realize that the general public has be alienated from them and will not support them

This time the government must cut the civil service numbers to a more realistic number that this country can support and the wages must be brought back to a reality that the ordinary person in the street can agree with




Out of Touch Charlie!


Charlie McCreevy, Ireland’s European commissioner, who joked during last year’s Lisbon treaty referendum that he had not read the document and “no sane person would,” on Friday warned a second rejection by Ireland next month could turn a “very serious economic problem for Dublin into a full blown economic crisis”.

Charlie if you were living here in Ireland on the ground like the rest of us instead of living at taxpayer’s expense in Brussels you would see that we are already in a Depression, that’s well past a full blown economic crisis”. Mate!

My way My Job My few bob

A senior Irish Government minister has warned that Europe would be plunged into crisis if voters reject the Lisbon Treaty for a second time.

With four days to go until the all-important referendum re-run both pro- and anti-treaty groups are ratcheting up their efforts to sway the electorate.

Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin said there was no back-up plan if voters throw out the controversial charter on Friday. “There are no contingency plans,” he said. “The bottom line is if Lisbon doesn’t go through I think it puts Europe into a crisis position because we do believe, all of us involved in the European Union, that the reforms which are quite modest actually in the Lisbon Treaty are necessary to enable Europe to play a more effective role on the world stage.”


This sounds to me that the Government are not sure that the polls putting a comfortable majority for the Treaty this time round might not be what the people will really vote for

Could it be that the people are just as devious and give the Government a bloody nose

Vote No and get rid of this bunch of self interest politicians on the make

Gone Fishing

On Wicklow Harbour east wall this Sunday past I spotted this couple from Clondalkin fishing and there was plenty to see too!



Just one thing the litter that was left after some other fishermen does need to be tackled

these bags in the centre of the picture were full of empty beer cans



What can I say !

With less than one week to go to the election on Lisbon it would see that the government’s message of frightening the public into a Yes vote is working

I spotted this bit of graffiti to-day on a wall in one of the town’s car parks


So it looks like it will be carried!

I believe this is just another avenue for X Politicians to get a Job in Europe when they get kicked out on their ear at the next general election.

Corrupt FAS is still going strong!

In January of this Year I applied to Fas for a place for an IT course for Web design

I was told that I must firstly be registered as Unemployed to be eligible to apply to Fas for this course in the First place, having worked full time for the last 30 years and never being unemployed I found it a daunting task to pick up the courage to go down to the Dole office

I had to wait outside in the cold and damp waiting to get into the small office when I eventually did get into the office I was informed that I would not be entitled to any benefits. As I had being self-employed but I could try and get on to a FAS course and so I promptly went next door and registered with FAS and also applied for the web design course that had a 37 week duration

Having waited almost 9 months (Sept) I contacted the local FAS office again to find out what was taking so long I finally got my notice to come into do an entrance test

There were about 28 other people attending this test, when the FAS employee came into the classroom she immediately that the test was not for the course that we all had applied for and that course was cancelled she also declared that anybody present that did not have Graphic design experience would not be able to attend this course that was now only a 12 week course

I decided to sit the test anyway and found it not such a big deal

A few days ago I received a note from FAS telling me that I had not succeeded in getting a place and went on to advised me to try for another course

There is no other course as we were told that FAS was cutting the number of courses that are available

I have wasted practically the whole year waiting for Fas to get their act together ,I now have to Waite until next year again to see if I can get on to some other course

What a complete waste of time .Now that I hear that Mr. Rody Molloy got a golden Handshake ,a pension top up and the scandalous waste of public money that was intended to support the likes of people like myself just makes me sick and to make things worse you have Mr. Brian Cowen justifying this outrageous example of cronyism

When will the people wake up and kick out this corrupt government

Vote NO to Lisbon 2 and No to NAMA

Global Warming or Global Freezing

I though this article would interest some of you


Global Warming or Global Freezing:
is the ice really melting?


author of Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order
by F. William Engdahl

September 24, 2009

President Obama just made a melodramatic appeal at the United Nations for global measures to dramatically curb what he called “the climate threat,” current euphemism for what is more popularly known as Global Warming, the theory that man-made CO2 emissions from cars, coal plants and other man-made sources are causing the earth to warm to the point the polar icecaps are irreversibly melting and threatening to flood a quarter or more of the earth’s surface. There’s only one thing wrong with Mr. Obama’s dramatic scenario: it is scientifically utterly wrong. Since 2007 the polar icecaps have been growing not melting and the earth has been cooling, not warming.

If the fear of death from a fictitious Swine Flu were not enough, the scare stories on world media such as BBC or CNN, showing melting icebergs are dramatic enough to cause one sleepless nights. The Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon even made a recent appeal while standing on an Arctic ice-flow, claiming that man-made CO2 emissions were causing “100 billion tons” of polar ice to melt each year, so that in 30 years the Arctic would be “ice-free”. One organization, the WWF, claimed that the Arctic ice was melting so fast that in eighty years sea-levels would rise by 1.2 meters, creating “floods affecting a quarter of the world.” Wow! That’s scary. Goodbye Hamburg, New York, Amsterdam…
The publicity stunt of Ban Ki-Moon was carefully orchestrated. It was not said that his ship could only come within 700 miles of the North Pole owing to frozen ice. Nor that he made his stunt in the summer when Arctic ice always melts before refreezing beginning September. 

The reality about Arctic ice is quite different. Although some 10 million square kilometres of sea-ice melts each summer, each September the Arctic starts to freeze again. The extent of the ice now is 500,000 sq km greater than it was this same time last year – which was, in turn, 500,000 sq km more than in September 2007, the lowest point recently recorded (see Cryosphere Today of the University of Illinois, http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/ ).

By next April, after months of darkness, it will be back up to 14 million sq km or likely more. As British science writer Christopher Booker remarks, “even if all that sea-ice were to melt, this would no more raise sea-levels than a cube of ice melting in a gin and tonic increases the volume of liquid in the glass.”

Sunbeams from cucumbers?

The current global warming propaganda scare is being hyped by politicians and special interests such as Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street financial firms that stand to reap billions trading new carbon credit financial futures. They are making an all-out effort to scare the world into a deal at the December Copenhagen Global Warming summit, the successor to the Kyoto agreement on CO2 emission reduction. It’s been estimated that the Global Warming bill supported by Barack Obama and his Wall Street patrons, passed by the House of Representatives but not by the more conservative US Senate, would cost US taxpayers some $10 trillion.

In the UK, where Prime Minister Gordon Brown is fully on the global warming bandwagon, the BBC, the Royal Society are proposing wild schemes for “climate engineering,” including putting up mirrors in space to keep out the sun’s rays, or lining the highways with artificial trees to suck CO2 out of the air, to be taken away and buried in holes in the ground. Perhaps it would provide make-work for a few thousand Britons unemployed by the ravages of the recent financial collapse, but it would do nothing else than waste taxpayer money already stretched to the limits in bank bailouts. The entire farce has been compared to satirist Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver who meets a fictional character trying to extract sunbeams from cucumbers.  

A major new study published in the respected Journal of Geophysical Research of the American Geophysical Union, Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature, by scientists
J. D. McLean, C. R. de Freitas of the School of Geography, Geology and Environmental Science, University of Auckland in New Zealand and R.M. Carter (http://www.agu.org/pubs/crossref/2009/2008JD011637.shtml), confirms that over the past fifty years, since 1950, fully 81% of tropical climate change can be linked to the Pacific weather phenomenon known as El Nino. And the remaining 19% they linked to increased solar radiation. No man made emissions played a role.

El Ninos, termed by scientists El Nino Southern Oscillations or ENSOs, are believed by climatologists and astrophysicists to be related to eruptions in solar activity which occur periodically.
Dr. Theodor Landscheidt of Canada’s Schroeter Institute for Research in Cycles of Solar Activity, says ENSO is the “strongest source of natural variability in the global climate system. During the severe ENSO event 1982/1983, when the sea surface off Peru warmed by more than 7° C, it was discovered that there are strong links to weather in other regions as, for instance, floods in California and intensified drought in Africa.”

Landscheidt adds, “El Niño and La Niña are subjected to external forcing by the sun’s varying activity to such a degree that it explains nearly all of ENSO’s irregularities and makes long-range forecasts beyond the 1-year limit possible. This is no mere theory. My forecasts of the last two El Niños turned out correct and that of the last one was made more than two years ahead of the event…” (Solar Activity Controls El Niño and La Niña, in http://www.john-daly.com/sun-enso/sun-enso.htm.). Even James Hansen, one of the outspoken protagonists of the Global Warming idea admits, “The forcings that drive long-term climate change are not known with an accuracy sufficient to define future climate change…The natural forcing due to solar irradiance changes may play a larger role in long-term climate change than inferred from comparisons with general circulation models alone.”

El Ninos are linked to floods, droughts and other weather disturbances in many regions of the world. In the Atlantic Ocean, effects lag behind those in the Pacific by 12 to 18 months. They tend to occur every three to eight years. La Ninas are the associated cooling phase of the Pacific Ocean cycles.
According to the US National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration, in North America, El Niño creates warmer-than-average winters in the upper Midwest states and the Northeast. California and the southwestern US become significantly wetter, while the northern Gulf of Mexico states and northeast Mexico are wetter and cooler than average during the El Niño phase of the oscillation. In Asia and parts of Australia El Nino causes drier conditions, increasing bush fires.

This sounds remarkably like what the Global Warming scare chorus claims is the result of manmade CI2 emissions or as they now slyly term it, “climate change.”

Warmer 1000 years ago?

In Sweden a new study (, in  published by Haakan Grudd of the University of Stockholm’s Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology confirms that the Arctic today is not warmer than in previous historical periods centuries ago before coal power plants or automobiles. Grudd’s study concludes that “The late-twentieth century is not exceptionally warm in the new record: On decadal-to-centennial timescales, periods around a.d. 750, 1000, 1400, and 1750 were equally warm, or warmer. The 200-year long warm period centered on a.d. 1000 was significantly warmer than the late-twentieth century and is supported by other local and regional paleoclimate data.” (H. Grudd, Torneträsk tree-ring width and density ad  500–2004: a test of climatic sensitivity and a new 1500-year reconstruction of north Fennoscandian summers, Climate Dynamics, Volume 31, Numbers 7-8 / December, 2008, in.) Put simply, the earth was warmer one thousand years ago than today. And there were no records of SUVs or coal plants belching CO2 into the atmosphere back then.

The only problem with these serious scientific studies is that mainstream media entirely ignores them, preferring dramatic scare story scenarios such as Barack Obama presented in his UN speech or the UN’s Ban Ki-Moon in his staged Arctic ice drama.

Strangely enough, none of the Global Warming proponents that I am aware of have tried to correlate ENSO activity with global temperature changes. Should we instead be proposing to outlaw El Ninos or forbid solar eruptions? It makes as much scientific sense as banning or capping CO2 emissions. Global Warming as a new religion is one thing, but we should be clear that the high priests are the same Gods of Money who brought us Peak Oil religion a few years ago and the current trillion dollar financial meltdown known as asset securitization.  The reality is that Global Warming like Peak Oil and other scares are but another attempt by powerful vested interests to convince the world to sacrifice that they remain in control of the events of this planet. It’s a thinly veiled attempt to misuse climate to argue for a new Malthusian reduction of living standards for the majority of the world while a tiny elite gains more power.  

Copyright © 2009 F. William Engdahl
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*F. William Engdahl is author of  Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation (www.globalresearch.ca). He also authored A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order (Pluto Press). His newest book, Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order (Third Millennium Press) is now in print and will be available by mid-June. He may be contacted over his website, www.engdahl.oilgeopolitics.net.

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