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Banks to back Carroll in final bid to salvage ailing empire


Lawyers acting for Mr. Carroll will offer letters of support from his banks in an attempt to convince the High Court that his companies have a reasonable chance of survival pending an upturn in the economy.

The court will also be given up-to-date valuation reports on the “future prospects” of developments in his group of companies after the Supreme Court ruled last week that they would not be offered court protection.

This morning, A Judge Eamon de Valera will decide if Mr. Carroll has made a sufficient case which would give the developer 100 days to come up with a survival plan — and allow his empire to limp into the so-called Toxic bank NAMA.

Let there be no mistake here this constitutes special treatment for a pal in need from the ruling élite of this country.

Another Joe soap would never have being able to get to this point never mind ignore a

Supreme Court ruling

85 ordinary members of the public are losing their homes every week.


They are processed through the legal system ruthlessly and they can’t say to the banks that their homes will be worth thousands more in 10 years time and so they should wait for their money until then

NO they are shown the front Door and are made homeless

This whole circus this morning smacks of a stroke of a

Fianna Fail type to help one of their buddies!

Stop this corruption from taking place

Support this

No 2 NAMA Campaign to-day

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