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Round one to the taxpayers

Well done Mr.
Chief Justice John Murray

The Irish Supreme Court rejected Liam Carroll’s last-ditch attempt to save his property empire

The ruling that could trigger a fire sale of his assets and puts a question mark over the Governments plan to rip off the tax payer by paying over the odds for Mr.Carroll’s worthless assets

The court’s decision to uphold an earlier ruling from the High Court means a receiver will give the job of off loading Carroll’s assets, from hotels to houses, in a knockdown sale that will drive down the market price of property before the government’s “bad bank” is up and running.

The Government had plans to transfer property loans with a nominal value of 90 billion Euros to a state-run “bad bank”

But “The Supreme court concluded that the petitioner had not established that its strategy for the orderly disposal of key assets of the company was credible or reasonably viable,” Chief Justice John Murray said in a written judgment.

The ordinary people of Ireland can justifiably to-night say a big thank you to the Supreme Court for demonstrating their independence and they can be proud in the knowledge that they did the country justice by not allowing a corrupt government and financial system rip off the people of Ireland

Carroll must face up to his own problems and pay his own debts and not expect the hard pressed people of Ireland to pay for his mistakes !

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