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Don’t reward incompetence!

Voting yes to Lisbon is like saying thank you to the current band of misfits running the country and asking them to continue screwing us

No recession for the TD’s!


to-day the TD’s expenses have come to light and I expect that they would like to keep this information to-themselves
From the Irish independent to-day we learn that the top ten boys (yes all Cute H Boys) have being helping themselves to the ever so generous expenses.

 But are not wasting a moment supporting the government telling us poor smucks, that we are spending money that we just don’t have to spend and we need to pay more taxes and tighten our belts
For a country that is in a depression we need to take on these leaches as far as I can see all the parties are on the TD’s Gravy train

To get these jokers and leaches out we must vote them out

Take action to-day get involved and get out on to the streets and let your voice be heard now!

Brian Cowen turns to his Faith



Voters want to know!

Did you have a nice holiday ? I never got the post card John

Welcome home John we were thinking that you might not be coming back because of all those nosy questions coming from Dare I even mention them the curse of all politicians the voters

“Well yes john they haven’t gone away you know”!

I suppose with mature recollection you might be able to come up with some (fibs sorry) credible excuses as to why your expenses are causing concern in the central Bank and the international Bond holders

No Recession here!

The next time you pay your TV Licence rest assured that at least these two will be very grateful that you bothered

For the foreseeable future there will be no Recession or depression in their house hold but for the rest of us things look very fuzzy there

With the country Broke and the banks all bankrupt and at least 99.9 % of the population struggling to keep the bailiffs away from the door how can RTE Justify these outrageous salaries being paid (several Times the American president’s salary)

We are the laughing stock of the world, No wonder these two are laughing all the way to the bank

somebody knows something

To those of you active in the Irish stock market I have a warning

There is something very odd going on in the Bank shares AIB and BOI

I have it on good authority

That a few really big players have being quietly selling into the market in the last 2 weeks and this is when the market is going up! That tells me that some of these players know something that Joe soap doesn’t know. This is can only be bad news and they are getting out when everybody else is getting in a classic sign that the tells me the Government must be contemplating in taking a majority share in the Banks or complete nationalization is now on the cards in light of the ever increasing opposition to the suicidal march to NAMA

Get out now this ship in sinking fast! Either way somebody knows something!

World currency


Earlier to-day I first heard about a World currency project and that the
recent G8 Summit in the Italian town of L’Aquila the World Leaders were presented with a gold test coin.

This is the first I have heard of this new currency and now that I know about it I can see why things here in Europe making a lot more sense. This is why the real powers in Europe want a yes vote so they can set up the next “Treaty”

Well it won’t be called Maastricht or Lisbon maybe it will be called the Berlin treaty or the Amsterdam Treaty It would appear we’re being slowly frog-marched into a new World currency and with it goodbye independence

To find out more about this World currency follow this link



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