What is truth?

Taoiseach Brian Cowen, described the Nama bill as a “strategic priority to get the economy moving”, (Bull****) adding that ministers are “continuing to consider expenditure issues in light of the McCarthy report and other considerations”, the latter a reference to the impending report on the commission on Taxation

Well Mr. Cowen I have a question for you why are we paying up to 90 billion for these worthless assets

What is it going to cost to the service this new debt?

I believe it will cost at least 5% or all in 5,000.000.000 per year

So this means all the savings that board snip wants to save is now going to pay for the bail out of your friends the Banks and Developers is that right??

All the cuts and levies are in fact going to bailout International bond investors?

“The Government is united and determined to do what is required and expected. Over the last number of months the Government has taken and implemented decisions in the national interest.

No Mr. Cowne, It has not being in the Irish people’s interest to bail out international gamblers, the Americans did not do it and we should not do it either!

You are not elected by the people to do enslave us in to generations of financial dependency to foreign bond holders

Call a general election to get the peoples verdict now!

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