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Space the final curtain

Star date – 1840

We have arrived at the Planet and have a mission to capture two devious aliens

Locally known as


The Taoiseach a mr.Brian Cowen



and the Finance Minster a Mr Brian Lenihan


Their plan is to subdue the locals by financially destroying them with their secret weapon NAMA

Will the famous 3 capture them before they destroy the gullible Irish?

See next week’s episode when the deadly alien weapon NAMA is activated!

NAMA Gobble-d-gook!!


An analyst at NCB Stockbrokers in Dublin said today on the subject of NAMA.

“一個在都柏林 NCB 證券經紀業分析師今天 NAMA 的主題。

從,加上的收入損失從轉移的貸款的機構的 NAMA 理髮資產增量命中會被部分抵銷資本來說從加權的風險資產的去除。(Chinese)


Don’t understand then try this instead!

ダブリンで NCB Stockbrokers で、アナリストは、NAMA の主題の上今日といいます。

、機関、ローンの転送から結合収益の損失で、NAMA 散髪からの資本に増分ヒットが部分的に無効資本の用語でからセット加重リスク資産の削除。 ” (Japanese)

Still NO Joy then try this!

בכל Stockbrokers NCB בדבלין

” hit מצטבר
הלב, יחד
הסוכנות, להיות
משקל. “(Hebrew)

Still don’t understand then try this one!

“The incremental hit to equity from the NAMA haircut, coupled with the loss of earnings from the transfer of loans to the agency, will be partially off-set in capital terms from the removal of risk weighted assets.” (Supposed to be English)

Still don’t understand? Then join the our club.

C. A. B. 

Citizens Association of the Bewildered!


Join to-day and make my day!


Betrayal of the People

The NAMA disaster is on its way!

To-day we the people of Ireland were forced to take the first steps to financial enslavement to international Bond holders

On this day I wanted to show you the citizens of Ireland the chief political culprits

There are many more people responsible for this fiasco these people will also be put up here in the next few days

These people must be brought to justice!








Financial Independence Dead for Ireland!

Taoiseach Brian Cowen, described the Nama bill as a “strategic priority to get the economy moving”, (Bull****) adding that ministers are “continuing to consider expenditure issues in light of the McCarthy report and other considerations”, the latter a reference to the impending report on the commission on Taxation

Well Mr. Cowen I have a question for you why are we paying up to 90 billion for these worthless assets

What is it going to cost to the service this new debt?

I believe it will cost at least 5% or all in 5,000.000.000 per year

So this means all the savings that board snip wants to save is now going to pay for the bail out of your friends the Banks and Developers is that right??

All the cuts and levies are in fact going to bailout International bond investors?

“The Government is united and determined to do what is required and expected. Over the last number of months the Government has taken and implemented decisions in the national interest.

No Mr. Cowne, It has not being in the Irish people’s interest to bail out international gamblers, the Americans did not do it and we should not do it either!

You are not elected by the people to do enslave us in to generations of financial dependency to foreign bond holders

Call a general election to get the peoples verdict now!

You have a Neck! Mr.O Connell

Shareholders who lost their life savings in the Irish banking collapse shoulder blame for their own financial ruin, the country’s Central Bank has said.

Tom O’Connell, assistant director general of the Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland, claimed investors got what was coming to them for not keeping bank chiefs in check.

Mr O’Connell you are definitely not firing on all six cylinders whatever you are smoking is not doing you any good and if I were an international investor I would be heading for the Hills when I hear you talking like this!

This is like the Captain of the Titanic blaming the passengers for the ships sinking!

I bought allied Irish share early this year (at approx .35 cents each about 100)

I did this to be able to go to the AIB EGM and AGM

I clearly saw with my own eyes all of the ordinary shareholders present calling for the resignations of the entire board and I took some video footage as well

The entire room was full of people (Ordinary share holders calling for the ousting of the entire board of Directors including the Government nominated ones as well,

Did this happen? NO why? Because the chairman of the board had all the time proxies of all the large instatustions backing him and his board and there was nothing any of the ordinary shareholders could do about it we were told to get put up or shut up.

Your comments trying to shift the blame on to the ordinary shareholders is nothing more than an attempt to hide the incompetence of the department you are currently chairing

You know full well that ordinary shareholders have no say what so ever in decisions taken at any AGM or for that matter EGM they are only staged to give to the ordinary shareholders the illusion that they have something to say. Nothing More!

The senior figure in Ireland’s banking watchdog admitted it did not shout loud enough about reckless lending to property developers during the bubble, but insisted ordinary shareholders were also responsible.”If the banks don’t reform adequately, it’s the shareholders who should be there to discipline them,” he said. “If they don’t do that, they take a hit, and they have taken a massive hit here.”

I think it is beholding on you Mister O’Connell to resign from your overpaid job and try to live on the dole for a while that might bring you back to reality!

Capt. Brian and the good ship NAMA


All aboard” the good ship NAMA”

Captained by Brian

We expect stormy seas and less than 90% chance you won’t arrive at your preferred destination

The land of milk and honey and financial bliss!

If it will sooth your fears Capt. Brian seared his last ship The good ship,” Irish financial independence” on to the rocks and all hands were lost

But this time he says he will do a better job and anyway there is always someone else to blame!

abused over decades


A national memorial will be erected in Ireland for tens of thousands of children who were abused over decades in church-run institutions. So it was claimed to-day .Children’s Minister Barry Andrews said a national day of remembrance for survivors and those who died at the hands of sexual, emotional and physical torture is also being considered.

Mr Andrews insisted the Cabinet has rubber-stamped the 25 million euro (£21.5 million) plan to deal with what he branded a dark passage of Irish history.

Dark is not the word I would use here it is shameful, and what about naming the Minsters who were responsible for allowing these crimes to continue for years

Why are these people not brought before the courts of the land?

They are still enjoying massive pensions when the victims are subject to levies and dole cuts

It’s not enough to say we will do something

Action speaks louder than words, we’ve had enough of false promises!

Vote No to Lisbon 2


Send A Message to the Government


NAMA legislation

The New NAMA legislation

Ministers are meeting again today to finalise the legislation setting up the National Asset Management Agency. But it is really a Toxic Bank!

The Bill, is being brought forward has 150 pages.

The Cabinet meeting is expected to continue in the afternoon .this is the last Cabinet meeting before the summer holidays.

The NAMA legislation is due to be published later in the week, and should pass all stages into law by mid September.

If this NAMA legislation is pushed through is will be the biggest Fraud perpetrated on the Irish People

This move is nothing less than the Government bailing out their Friends who for years rubbed shoulders with them in the Galway races Tent.

Now it’s payback time for the Developers and their Sucker Bank pals.

The Governments spin machine has being working overtime to convince the ordinary people that we are the ones that caused all this economic meltdown and that is why we must foot the bill while all the real culprits get away scot free with their millions in salaries and pensions top ups and of course their golden handshakes

If this NAMA legislation is passed the Golden Circle of Anglo Irish Bank stand to receive curtsey of the Irish Taxpayer the sum of 310 million Euros

This is supported by the Greens

This is going to make us the poorest country in the EEC

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