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These turkeys must be culled and soon

Hearing on the news to-day that the civil service in this country has increased in size by 3000 people .

This despite the country falling into a deep depression

What is wrong with the gutless politicians running the country?

When you think that each of the each State employee earns approximately 50,000Euro, on average, they now earn €12,000 more than the average industrial worker, who takes home €38,000 gross and €10,000 more than the average private sector worker, who earns €40,500.

When the rest of the country’s work force has had to endure pay cuts of 20% -30 % a loss of their pensions and have no job security, the question is why they are allowed to get away with this?

The answer is the civil service trade unions! Yes my friends they have the cowardly politicians by the Ba**s

Yes we the general public will have to grin and bear this until the country slips deeper into the abbess of depression.

With hospital beds closing down, having to pay 100 Euros  to visit the A&E new taxes on our homes etc etc etc

Everywhere you look there are new taxes and deep cuts on the way

But the civil service is being ignored!

Brussels will have to take action or the IMF will be called in to do the dirty work our own politicians are afraid to do.

These turkeys must be culled and soon.

Ireland INK cannot pay these hugely inflated wages any longer

Civil Servants have escaped the last two emergency budgets, the ordinary people are hurting

There is no justification in having the servants of the people living on the backs of those they are supposed to be serving

Of course all the state bodies are guilty which is not surprising when the top dogs are the worst culprits themselves

A case of “I ‘am all right jack”! And sod the rest of you

GreenKing recycling centre Wicklow Town

With the weather we are now enjoying, it’s time for the Garden to get some attention!

It won’t take too long before you get your marching orders to go out to the garden and get stuck in

I have already being ambushed a few times to go out and get some work done.

I have had a lot of tree felling to do and the trouble is where to put all this stuff?

I have taken two corners in the garden (for the moment) to store this stuff.

But now we want to take back our full garden, so where should all the tree trimmings go?

Well have on fear

GREENKING http://www.greenking.ie/ composting is here and only down the road

So I’ll be on my way down there in the next few days and they will take the lot of my hands.

I had a look at their operation and was impressed and promised to spread the word

Get you Compost here its good natural stuff (see photos).

They also take Grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings and Branches and clean timber.


the Garden looks like it needs some new compost in the front and 

The trees do look healthy ,

 In the back well lets say I need to do a lot of work before I can show it off!  (see Video clip)

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This Wicklow company is offering a good community service and derserve your full support

For and on behalve of local Wicklow blogs suporting local buisness

for more information contact thomas@netzoners.com or leave a comment .


What did Michael jackson die of? Up-Date

What we know!

George Hooks radio show discusses this .

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Wicklow Town 29.06.2009

Drive through Wicklow Town  29.06.2009

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Wicklow Towns New Harbour access Road (2)

This video doesn’t exist

Wicklow Towns New Harbour access Road


Here is a sneak preview of part of the new harbour road in Wicklow Town  29.06.2009


Purple tainted area is the area on video clip

New road set to open in few a months’ but looking at the works ongoing especially the Rail Bridge

It could take a little longer maybe up to December!!

Billy Timmins TD’s Comments

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Department of Foreign Affairs

Citizenship Applications

7:00 pm

Billy Timmins
(Wicklow, Fine Gael)

Question 152: To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs the position in relation to persons (details supplied); if they are eligible for Irish passports; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Micheal Martin (Minister, Department of Foreign Affairs; Cork South Central, Fianna Fail)

The Passport Act (2008) sets out the requirements for obtaining an Irish passport. In particular, the Act states that passports may only be issued to persons who are Irish citizens, within the parameters of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Acts. In general, a person acquires Irish citizenship through one of the following means; by descent if one of his/her parents was an Irish citizen at the time of the person’s birth; by marriage to an Irish citizen; or by naturalisation.

The person born in the United Kingdom to an Irish mother is automatically entitled to Irish citizenship and therefore to an Irish passport. She should complete a passport application form and submit the long form of her own birth certificate, the long form of her mother’s birth certificate and her mother’s marriage certificate, if applicable.

The contact details for the Irish General Registrar’s Office are: General Register Office, Government Offices, Convent Road, Roscommon. Tel: 090 6632900 LoCall: 1890 252076

The contact details for the General Register Office in the UK are:

General Register Office

Smedley Hydro

Trafalgar Road


South Port PR8 2HH

Telephone : 0044 170 456 9824

A person married to an Irish citizen and resident in Ireland can apply to become an Irish citizen by means of Naturalisation. Consideration of all applications for Naturalisation is a matter for my colleague the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform. Information regarding the application process for Naturalisation is available on the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform website (www.justice.ie).

Wicklow TD’s Comments in the Dail.

Order of Business in the Dail


Andrew Doyle
(Wicklow, Fine Gael) Link to this

Deputy Creed mentioned the food and drinks industry report earlier. The witnesses that were present at the joint committee on agriculture yesterday all highlighted the fact that since the groceries order was abolished, practices have taken place in this country in regard to the groceries sector that are totally unacceptable. Will the Government accept that it needs to introduce fair trade legislation?

John O’Donoghue

Link to this
(Ceann Comhairle; Kerry South, Ceann Comhairle)

Is legislation promised in this area?

(Minister, Department of Finance; Dublin West, Fianna Fail)

There is not.

Andrew Doyle
(Wicklow, Fine Gael)

I urge the Minister to reconsider.



Department of Social and Family Affairs

Departmental Schemes

7:00 pm

Andrew Doyle
(Wicklow, Fine Gael)

Question 29: To ask the Minister for Social and Family Affairs her plans to amend the mortgage interest supplement scheme; if she will make revised guidelines publically available; and if she will make a statement on the matter.

Mary Hanafin
(Minister, Department of Social and Family Affairs; Dún Laoghaire, Fianna Fail)

The mortgage interest supplement scheme is designed to help people whose means are insufficient to meet their needs and who have difficulty meeting their mortgage repayment schedule. The scheme provides a short-term “safety net” within the overall social welfare scheme to ensure that people do not suffer hardship due to loss of employment. A supplement may be paid in respect of mortgage interest only to eligible people who are unable to meet their mortgage interest repayments in respect of a house which is their sole place of residence.

There are currently 12,900 people in receipt of mortgage interest supplement, an increase of 213% over the number in payment at end 2007. The assessment for the mortgage interest supplement scheme provides for a gradual withdrawal of payment as hours of employment or earnings increase. Those availing of part-time employment and/or training opportunities can continue to receive mortgage interest supplement subject to their satisfying the standard means assessment rules.

The review of the administration of the mortgage interest supplement scheme is progressing. The main purpose of the review is to consider how the mortgage interest supplement scheme can best meet its objective of catering for those who require assistance on a short-term basis, where they are unable to meet mortgage interest repayments on their sole place of residence. Legislative and operational issues arising in the current scheme are being examined, including the cap on hours of employment and the impact, if any, of the Financial Regulator’s statutory Code of Practice on Mortgage Arrears will have on the scheme. The review will also examine operational aspects of the scheme including best practice in the recording, collating and maintaining statistical data on the scheme.

Following consultation with the community welfare service, guidelines on specific and immediate operational issues for the community welfare officers have been updated and issued. Arrangements are being made to make the guidelines available on the Department’s website. The full review should be completed and a final report prepared by the end of 2009.

Wicklow TD’s Dail Comments

Written answers

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Department of Social and Family Affairs

Social Welfare Benefits



Liz McManus
(Wicklow, Labour)

Question 18: To ask the Minister for Social and Family Affairs her views on whether the free broadband for older people as set out in the programme for Government will proceed; and if she will make a statement on the matter.

Mary Hanafin
(Minister, Department of Social and Family Affairs; Dún Laoghaire, Fianna Fail)

The Programme for Government includes a commitment to expand the current free telephone rental scheme by providing for free broadband for older people. The Department is examining how best to implement this commitment. As a first step it has been agreed that where people access the internet using a landline, the telephone allowance can be used to cover the cost of calls or internet usage up to the level of their allowance. In addition if a person wishes to subscribe to a bundled package for telephone and internet, the telephone allowance can be applied to this package.

The telephone allowance is a component of the household benefits package which also includes the electricity/gas allowance and free television license schemes. The package is generally available to people living in the State, aged 66 years or over who are in receipt of a social welfare payment or who satisfy a means test. It is also available to people aged under 66 who are in receipt of certain social welfare disability
payments or carer’s allowance. In 2008, over 370,000 people received the household benefits at a cost of €340 million.

The primary objective of the telephone allowance scheme is to ensure that vulnerable people have access to help in an emergency and to provide an element of security. A secondary objective is to encourage social contact and to assist in the prevention of social isolation for those living alone.

The Department will continue to keep this issue under review and consideration will be given to expanding access for older people to broadband as the opportunity arises.

Liz McManus
(Wicklow, Labour)

Question 36: To ask the Minister for Social and Family Affairs the steps she will take to ensure that ex-miners are compensated for the health problems they have suffered after years of exposure to coal; and if she will make a statement on the matter.

(Minister, Department of Social and Family Affairs; Dún Laoghaire, Fianna Fail)

The welfare system makes provision for the needs of people, including people employed as miners, under the Occupational Injuries Benefit scheme. Miners who are unable to work due to an accident arising from their employment may be entitled to occupational injury benefit for the first 26 weeks of their claim. This scheme, operated by the Department, provides entitlement to benefit for people suffering from certain prescribed diseases which are listed in the legislation and where that person has contracted that disease in the course of their employment.

Benefits are payable where a person has contracted one of the diseases listed in the legislation, and they were employed in an occupation which is specifically prescribed in relation to that disease. In addition, benefits may be payable if the claimant can show that the disease was contracted through an employment not specifically prescribed in relation to that disease. If the incapacity extends beyond the 26 week period, claimants may receive illness benefit or invalidity pension, subject to meeting the qualifying conditions for these payments.

Miners may also be entitled to disablement benefit under the occupational injuries scheme. Disablement benefit is a compensation payment specifically for those who suffer a loss of physical or mental faculty as a result of an accident at work or a disease prescribed in legislation that they contracted at work. Medical assessments are undertaken in all such cases to determine the degree of disablement, which is calculated by comparison of the state of health of the applicant with the norm for a person of the same age and gender.


Liz McManus
(Wicklow, Labour)

Question 224: To ask the Minister for Education and Science if, in view of the fact that there are nine children with special needs in a school (details supplied) in County Wicklow, he will ensure that the school’s application for a special needs class is granted; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Batt O Keeffe (Minister, Department of Education and Science; Cork North West, Fianna Fail)

I wish to advise the Deputy that my Department has considered the correspondence submitted by the school in question appealing the decision to suppress a class for pupils with a Mild General Learning Disability. My Department recently advised the school that the decision to suppress the class remains.

I understand that the school has subsequently written to my Department regarding the special class. This correspondence will be considered and a reply will issue to the school as quickly as possible.

Gay pride march Dublin final clip 4

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Gay pride march Dublin (3)

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