What is truth?

Google hand delivery

Having promised to hand deliver a letter to Google’s head office

I drove up to the big smoke to do just that!

(See video clip) 

This video doesn’t exist

Update: Video up-loded on monday morning 1.12

 Because of the Broadband connection we have from Eircon, I cannot up- lode the video clip it’s just 5MB and I have made 3 attempts to up -lode it

I pay 65 Euro to Eircon for a 7.5 Meg connection  and we are just getting crap!

No wonder there are no new IT jobs coming to Wicklow

I lost 125k last year trying to bring an IT business to Wicklow Town. My American backers did not want to go ahead because of the lack of IT Infrastructure (broadband speed was not just reliable enough!

They since have moved to India where the Business is going well and I understand they are employing 73 persons there! I on the other hand am out 125 K Euro and Stuck with Eircon!!!!

I will try to up lode video clip somewhere else maybe in Dublin it might be a little faster there!

This video doesn’t exist

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