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An open letter to the

Wicklow Town and County councils

Wake up, tourism is the way forward!

Wicklow towns Harbour area needs to develop and a new area for leisure and water based activities is just what the place needs.

A 500 boat marina would go a long way to ease the burden on the commercial rates of the town’s business community.

Imagine a new hotel, a conference centre, new shops and restaurants – when all others are shouting doom and gloom.

Having spoken with existing enterprises within the harbour area, I found that they were all supportive of a possible further development in the area.

Such a development would bring sustained jobs to Wicklow town

We in Wicklow town should now be planning for the future!

Wicklow town did not take part in any commercial development during the boom years and some

(Apart from the new housing developments) might say an opportunity missed!

But I say this is our opportunity,

The town did not make the mistakes other towns made, so in the current climate we are presented with a clean sheet as rewards planning with a vision for the town’s growth in mind.

The building of the Harbour road is such an example of how things should be; this road should attract further enterprises that will bring badly needed jobs to our town. This will uncluttered the traffic causing loss of trade to the towns traders

We also need to see movement on the leasehold criteria.

I myself would not want to invest in a new business if I only had a lease for 4 and a halve years

We must bring down the cost of doing business in the town

The council’s must look upon their rate payers as their customers; if you squeeze your customers for every penny you can get out of them you will end up with none .

Evidence of this is already visible in the main street

Rates are just too high! And an ever smaller and smaller group is paying them!

As the economy is faltering the council must cut its cloth accurately to represent the new realities

I call on the council now, to revert the current commercial rates back to 2001 levels.

To realize the true potential that is the Wicklow Town Harbour area.


Failure to do so will result the town becoming a wasteland and a Black spot regarding jobs and enterprise.

Thomas Clarke



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