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Google hand delivery

Having promised to hand deliver a letter to Google’s head office

I drove up to the big smoke to do just that!

(See video clip) 

This video doesn’t exist

Update: Video up-loded on monday morning 1.12

 Because of the Broadband connection we have from Eircon, I cannot up- lode the video clip it’s just 5MB and I have made 3 attempts to up -lode it

I pay 65 Euro to Eircon for a 7.5 Meg connection  and we are just getting crap!

No wonder there are no new IT jobs coming to Wicklow

I lost 125k last year trying to bring an IT business to Wicklow Town. My American backers did not want to go ahead because of the lack of IT Infrastructure (broadband speed was not just reliable enough!

They since have moved to India where the Business is going well and I understand they are employing 73 persons there! I on the other hand am out 125 K Euro and Stuck with Eircon!!!!

I will try to up lode video clip somewhere else maybe in Dublin it might be a little faster there!

This video doesn’t exist

The Labour Party responds!

eamon.gilmore@oireachtas.ieDear Mr Clarke Thank you very much for your email and for forwarding me the l…May 28 (2 days ago)

Thomas Clarke

Thank you for the curtsey of replying to my mail www.machholz.wordpress.com

May 29 (1 day ago)

liz.mcmanus@oireachtas.ie to me.

Show details May 29 (1 day ago) Reply


Dear Thomas,

Thanks for sending on your blog url, which was forwarded to me by Eamon Gilmore TD. I had a look at your blog and read many articles with interest. In particular, your open letter regarding the State’s indemnity deal with the Church in 2002 is an issue that the Labour Party is very critical about today and at the time when Michael Woods TD and the government made the deal.

As a public representative of Wicklow, I read your local news section with interest. I was glad to read your approval of Labour Party polices as read on John Graham’s leaflet. However, if you would like to read further please go to http://www.labour.ie where you will see a full list of Labour policies, including our health policies, which is supportive of universal health insurance and an end to the privatisation “co-location” of our hospitals.

You will also see on the labour.ie homage details on our MEP candidate for Ireland East, Nessa Childers and a list of our local representatives for Co. Wicklow, which may be of interest to you.

With kind regards,


Liz McManus, T.D.

Spokesperson on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources


To all our Blues fans

To all thoese Blues fans out there look at this


What about the growing ranks of the unemployed??


What about the growing ranks of the unemployed???


Well, if you are wondering about all the trouble over the water in London about MP’s expenses

Why we here in Ireland don’t have the same scrutiny of out TD’c expenses!

I have decided to send a request to the
HOUSES OF THE OIREACHTAS to see how one would go about getting this information.

I will keep everybody up to date on the outcome.

Meanwhile the local elections are gaining momentum; I put this photo together to sum up my thoughts on the matter.

I have also managed to get a notice whenever any of our local TD’s decide to utter a few words in the Dail or god forbid ask a intelligent question in that Nobel house so we will have a score on how well all the Wicklow TD’s worked for you whilst employed by you

So when they come knocking for your vote you will have something in the hand (so to speak) to question them with!


The Post box blues

Good Morning and a bright and sunny Morning at that!

Have hardly made the tea when the Post-box- Blues strikes again!

Yes the Fianna Fail Fairies boys were out in force during the night.

But never the less I am assured that they will be out at a drop of a hat to make me toast and cut the grass and even do me shopping and all for that elusive number 1 Vote

Well the only Number one I would love to give them is the one our dog has not yet delivered!

Feast your eyes on the latest would be servants of the people

These gents become millionaires in 5 years as a result of getting on the gravy train that is the European parliament

So when you vote remember that!

To the Google Management

Here is an article a reader sent to me


Google and YouTube Now Regarded

As Porn Sites




Rodney Shrewsbury


Governments around the world are beginning to take action to try to stop the children being subjected to the level of porn available on Google “images” and You Tube.

 Many civic councillors and concerned parents want to know why the availability of pornography on Google has not become more generally discussed in the media.

Most children these days have computers in their rooms, to play games and watch videos; however with the ready availability of wireless broadband throughout households these computers can easily access the internet. One Belmont based mother in California was shocked to see the level of pornographic material available on Google. She wanted to know why this company is not commonly understood to be as “sellers of smut”.

 “It must be remembered that Google is a top company favoured by institutional investors and banks. Once it becomes generally know what this company is at it will be dropped like a hot potato” said one concerned father in Tampa Bay, Florida.

 The situation is similar with You Tube where pornographic videos are available for free.

 When this reporter called his local Google office nobody was available to comment.

 Concerned citizens should act decisively to protect their families and demand that pornography be banned from these “businesses”.


To the Google Management                          28.05.2009

Dear Sir or Madam,

Attached please find a copy of an article, whereby it is claimed that Google and U Tube are to be classified as pornography sites.

If this is true then this is a very disturbing development, as a parent and a community activist,

Only a few weeks ago we witnessed the Google car taking video clips of our homes.

 At the time we were a bit concerned, but this development brings us into a completely new ball game!

I would find it very disturbing if a known pornography distributor was taking photos of my home or my children!

 I use both these medium, to communicate with the local communities and the wider world.

The last thing I need now is to be told I am using designated pornography sites, and allowing my children to do the same.

I would like to draw your attention that under Irish law (The child protection act) I along with many thousands of Parents could be prosecuted and or have to face allegations of corruption of children. if we were to allow our children to use classified  pornography web based sites !

The service that Google is providing is exemplary, and until now was a service the whole family used

I call upon you now, as a parent and community activist, to desist allowing pornography access to your services

 and to immediately announce that you are doing so

 There are enough alternative sites available!

Thomas Clarke Wicklow

Ps .

This letter will be delivered by hand to Google offices as I could not reach anybody at their offices

Phone Number Dublin 014361000

To the Irish government

This video doesn’t exist

To the Irish government

You cannot defend the indefensible.

Are you listening?

An Open letter to the Irish Government !


Protect Us

The Irish Government ,

have already abdicated their responsibility to the protect all the children of the Irish state because of the first deal they did with the corrupt religious institutions!

Mr Cowen want’s to let these instuitions decide ,what they want to offer in addition ,to what they contracted themselves to do with a subservient Mr M.Woods

 In true political waffle, Mr Cowen manages to talk, but not say anything intelligible.

“We the children of the past “want to have a means, made available to us, to take ourselves forward into a brighter, and what remains of a doubtful future.

One of these” means “ is the provision of the education that was robbed of us in our childhood.

We want to be able to return to full time education and receive a payment equivalent to the current dole payment, whilst attending the educational institution (including 3 rd level) of our own choosing.

This in effect will now become our last attempt to salvage our self-esteem and retrieve our dignity, as most of us are now in our 50s (I myself am a 53year old, and have no formal educational   qualifications, due to the criminal negligence of the State)

As a 53 year old man I have no illusions as to my future prospects, regarding employment.

Education in the only route left open to the people like me! (Victims of religious instuitional abuse!)

 I appeal to you personally as a parent to commit to this appeal from the lost children of the Irish nation 

Irish constitution guarantees  to cherish all its children!

New York streets (3)

Armed with my PSP I went out into the street again and clipped a few more New Yorkers

they didn’t seem to mind at all!

This video doesn’t exist

New York City (2)

Clip from a past visit to a shopping centre in New York

 I was later stopped from filming by the centres security !

Apparently one is not allowed to film any shopping centres in New York.  Opps! Sorry !

This video doesn’t exist

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