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Riding into the sunset



Just in over the wires, You could be forgiven, for thinking !

Mr Eugene Sheehy will be riding off into the sunset along with some other directors in a little while.

This guy was talking about his dead body and getting funds from the Government a few weeks ago. I wonder what changed his mind. Mr Sheehy and company will not go empty handed and I suspect that this kind of news is classified.


 Mr Brian Lenihan will not leave his buddies go empty handed and I suspect that they won’t be dropping in to the dole office neither!

There will no doubt be contractual reasons, why they must leave with huge pensions and golden handshakes

Having lost the financial creditability of the bank and lost 95% of the share price a class action should be brought by the shareholders against the entire AIB Board

No payments should be paid until the outcome of such an action

The CAB should be called in to investigate the Bank and if any fraud is detected then the Government guarantee should be declared null and void and prosecutions should follow.


Doel queue now heading for 400,000 ! Year,s end 600,000?????




Dole is too generous, says top jobs expert.

 “Fewer tempted back to work due to high benefit payouts”

 What are these guys smoking???

Our current system risks prolonging high levels of unemployment after economic recovery, a major conference organized by the Government’s economic think-tank will hear today.

(Notice: Please note this conference was not organized by the unemployed masses)

It is safe to say that this expert body gets a lot of work from the Government and the commissioning of reports will not be coming from Joe public and obviously corporate sponsorship would be coming from other vested interests  

So there is no chance that this enlightened dip-shit (Top Jobs expert) will go against present government policy, to try and cut dole payments.

Thanks to the government this Dip-shit has a job and is getting a contribution towards his pay packet by the very people he is now advocating to have their payments cut.

 This dip-shit is not likely to join the dole queues anytime soon, and so he won’t be able to give us the benefit of his “personal experiences”, trying to live on this merger payment, but only after a successful visit from

 “The  Assestimator “=  (assessment officer ) would he qualify for the payment.

Yours truly did not qualify as I have “too much savings in the bank so I must first become penniless in order to qualify!

The vast majority of recipients on the dole do not want to be there ,they want to work!

With the Dole queues hitting record levels and about to go into the stratosphere ,

this is all the ruling elite can come up with!

We demand  a GI Bill type of emergency  measure right now .The future is in education and education for all with no  age discrimination’s.

You are infinitely financially better off .

Put that in your pipe and smoke it !

The ESRI receives its income from

The Irish Government 30%

  • commissioned research & consultancy;
  • membership contributions;
  • corporate sponsorship;
  • No Dole recipients

Self help action group


Wicklow Town May 1st 2009

Have you joined the swelling ranks of Wicklow Towns, unemployed/Job-seekers?

 If you recently joined the swelling ranks of the towns unemployed; You will find, that there are no support structures in place for the towns unemployed/Job-seekers!

I am proposing to create a self help group, who’ s purpose would be to lobby for a focal point and facilities that would encourage a spirit of self-empowerment for the growing numbers (Currently1840 see CSO)

We would hope to  put pressure on to the local representatives to get emergency measures in place to get help in up-skilling and re-training programs established. 

we hope to make it clear the urgent actions are need and not platitudes.


Please contact us at 0830048350

 E-mail jobseekers.selfhelp@gmail.com

 We will be more effective if we pool our skills

We are also inviting other like minded gorups from other Towns to contact us ,to see if we can help each other.

 So get involved, take action today!!

Thomas Clarke


Wicklow Town

What the people see

This video doesn’t exist


To all the TD, s

This short video sums up the perception of the Irish People right now of what we see as the extent of your work trying to get the country on its feet.

There are no emergency measures to help the Unemployed to re-skill or those of us over 50 to get further education.

 All the same old procedures are still in place and there is no urgency about our plight!

most of us will be looking for a pension before we can get a place in either a training program or be eligible to get palace in a third level intuition .

What are you going to do about this Now?

We Need Action NOW!!!!!!

You can’t TAX US if we are not working!


Dublin’s Theatre News

Hi There,

I want to share with you these gems,

These are a few clips from a stage performance of Samuel Beckett,s work “an Abandoned Work” in the International Bar in Dublin of a very bright and seasoned actor .

His name is Kevin Malone and I have never being so impressed by an actor’s total portrayal of a character and his absolute ability to captivate his audience in a very busy Irish Pub!

I apologise for the poor quality of sound and vision . I am working with very limited resources !

This video doesn’t exist

Please give a warm welcome to Mr. Malone

And the beat goes on (2)









Once again the Papers managed to keep out the real news and are softening the public for a takeover of Eircon again.

Anyone there for  Eircon shares ,get da last of your Eircon shares now  “5 for 50 cent”

“Jasus Go on Mister, do your  patriotic duty, and buy at home even though you might get them over the border for 10 cent!”


And the Beat goes on!


We are in a right Fix

Our financial services industry is going down the toilet and with the establishment of this new Toxic Bank the Government thinks it has the answer!

 But things are not what they seem,as before our attention is being diverted to this idiotic idea.

 The Sunday newspapers were unusually quiet about the notion of a toxic Bank The papers had another diversion to sprawl all over the place with the musical chairs Dail events this week. Who is in and who is out is just tripe as the caricatures themselves haven’t shown any backbone when it mattered and when the people needed their loyalty, there only loyalty was to themselves! All this hot air is just about a bunch of leaches that are now not getting as much blood from the people.

 What are the real problems we should be paying attention to??

 THE international investors are making noises that we should be very concerned about!

The IMF last week came out with a report about the Irish financial position and expressed doubts about the official figures from the Banks here. The problem is still the same. The IFSC was a great earner for the Government and now that the FED and the State department have said that they will no longer tolerate off shore tax havens set up to deprive the US of TAXES.

 It is well known that the IFSC in Dublin, is one of the worlds most active hotspots for doggie moneys, and the Yanks want this business shut down now. This will inevitably lead to job losses and an exodus of financial services from there! The setting up of the TTTTTToxic Bank might take up some of the slack but the top jobs will have already attracted some politicians and so called banking experts.

Such an attractive gig and hefty salaries will not have gone unnoticed Ask expert Mr.Stickie Dick Spring(X Eircon Director) Dick is on the AIB Board of Directors and I wonder if he has any AIB shares, or is he still short of a few bob?


In case you did not get to buy any Sunday newspapers I have collected a few samples of the various headings. You didn’t miss a thing!




Taxpayers: Danger Toxic Debt!




Taxpayers: Danger Toxic Debt! coming to you soon at knockdown prices!!!


From Bloomberg 27.04.09

Companies led by Allied Irish Banks Plc may get 25 percent less than the face value of their loans under the proposal from the National Asset Management Agency, according to the median estimate of seven analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News. That implies losses of 22.5 billion Euros. Analyst estimates for the discount ranged from 15 percent to 30 percent.

“It’ll probably be 30 percent, but it should be 50 percent,” said Brian Lucey, associate professor of finance at Trinity College Dublin. “Either way, it’ll leave the banks in a terrible hole, needing extra capital and effectively nationalize them by the back door.”

I wrote last week (see Citigroup is out of touch !!) that I thought the write downs should be at least 50% -60% it is good to see that my estimates are being backed up be such a prominent person !

 Let’s see now what the Finance Minster will do to help his buddies!

Why No Protests?

Easter Dublin 2009-04-27

Modern Ireland to-day does not seem to have the fighting spirit as our patriots,who fought on this week in 1916 against the English occupation

I wonder if the English were still in charge would we have the people out on the streets fighting for our freedom to-day. We are being sold into financial slavery by our own Government.

This government is guilty of mismanagement,squander of the nations wealth,and wholesale robbery of the Irish people and the promotion of vested interests above the interests of the ordinary public.

Does it take the Moldovan emigrants to show us how to stage a protest?

This video doesn’t exist

Easter Rising Dublin 2009

This video doesn’t exist

AIBbankers in their fine offices in Ballsbridge!

Think that they are safe behind bars, but its the wrong kind of bars that they are behind!


Thomas Clarke 




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