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Rewarding Failure




We in this country have a long history of rewarding people who have failed in their jobs to do what they were hired to do

The political system here is riddled with examples

Our political elite have never being made to account for their mistakes and the most depressing fact is that it doesn’t matter what side of the Dail you look at every political party has their examples

So it should be no surprise to see this example to be emulated right throughout the Banking industry and it is rife in the civil service

The latest example it the X financial regulator having spectacularly failed in his duty to his office, he walks away with a golden handshake and will get by with his 140,000.00 euro pension

This is just one civil servant

Now let’s not forget our Banker Buddies I am depressed enough so I won’t even quote the figures, but you know that they are a multiple of the previous figures

All of these people are guilty of treason and they get handsome payments instead of jail time

Mr. Bertie Ahern is another example of catrostrofic failure to do his job ,he too rides of into the sunset waving so you suckers !!!

So now you have it all of the above have failed to do the honorable thing so it will come down to us the people to kick them all out and please don’t Reward Failure when we do !

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