What is truth?

Mr Lenihan


“There is a problem in all small countries with too many incestuous relationships,” Lenihan said. “We have decided to establish a central bank commission which will have comprehensive regulatory as well as monitoring powers, and will have the power to direct restrictions on lending.” I thought the Central bank had these powers allready ? You need to get rid of your friends in the  bank first Mr Lenihan!

These incestuous relationships are common place all over the Country!

Take a look at the Dail make up, look at how many brothers and sisters are in the Dail

Look at RTE the same old people helping to get their own in to these lucrative jobs. What about the TD s employing aunt’s uncle’s brothers and sister’s .public jobs are only given to people in the know!

Look at the civil service full of brothers and sisters cousins all working within the same departments!

Ministers giving their spouses top directorships in state bodies

“Incestuous relationships” in the name of the Game Mr Lenihan!

And well you know it Mr. Lenihan!

Ordinary people just don’t get a look in Mr. Lenihan

Lets face it if you’re in the golden circle; you have a job for life

So go back to your friends and have a laugh! and step up to the RTE

And come out with some more of your conclusions which make you feel your being decisive.

Meanwhile the international fund managers avoid the Irish Bank shares like the plague!

I wonder if I could get a job in the National Museumas a security guard. Beaaaaaaaaa I don’t know anybody who could pull a few strings for me there! I am not related to anybody employed in there!

How many of your relations are getting paid from the public purse Mr.Lenihan ?

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