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Honest Brian Cowen signaled at the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis that After 10 years in the job and never found anything wrong with it, “it was time to radical reform the financial regulatory system”. But after months of procrastination, it doesn’t bode well for the hard pressed people of Ireland with the €500,000 cap on senior bank executives’ salaries, as his most recent solution to the crises this looks like one big joke. Nothing about getting heads to roll, the same rotten apples are in the barrel Brian! So you will leave the crooks run the same Banks then?? This is the kind of tripe this person who was the Finance Minister during the time the Banks went wild is now dishing out to us, trying to place himself as the savior of the financial system. You can bet he won’t see his friends short!! 500,000 its outrageous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twice the pay of the American president! The Government is dragging its heels on another issue, and it is their own pay and benefits, it has taken a German MP to bring this out in to the press. Herr Hans Joachim Fuchtel was amazed to find out that while he gets paid €92,000 to represent 280,000 people in Germany, our TDs get more than €100,000 each to represent 25,000 people, plus more expenses and not having to produce any real recipes for same This is what is infuriating the public, who are being hit with a combination of pension levies, pay cuts and job losses. Mr. Lenihan is Not the man for the job nor do I see any other current TD capable of taking on the job of cleaning up Dail Dodge Dodgy City in the county of Leinster House we need a entirely new class of people and not musical chairs for the same docile leaches that are currently infesting that House

Just my humbel openion !

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