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IRA & Anglo Irish Bank

ehbWe as a people cannot allow the wholesale murder to come back to our streets either in the north or south of Ireland and the actions of the mindless monsters is to be condemned ,there begs the question though !!

Is it just a coincidence that no sooner the Cab raid Anglo Irish Bank ,this Fraudulent Bank we have a resumption of murders in Northern Ireland ,Having being active in the Markets for a while I have often heard that there was a connection and this is why the international investor community have abandoned with all hast this mafia Bank

Maybe we are seeing a warning from the boys in green that they don’t want the Government to do any more probing or even stop the investigations

we the people have a right to know what our taxes and being used for and until this and other possible terrorist connections are investigated with this Bank  there will be no international funds made  available to the other Banks

This is what I am hearing from collugues that are working in the  international money markets !!

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